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Small Block Chevy V8 Crosswind Intake Manifold Polished

From Professional Products

Small Block Chevy V8 Crosswind Intake Manifold Polished

Polished finish. The CrossWind Manifold is a special version of the 52020/52021. While it is the exact same height, it features an open area under the plenum chamber. This provides for a flow of cooling air which keeps the temperature of the air/fuel charge lower thus producing more power and torque. The interior plenum and port design are identical to the 52020/52021 and will provide somewhat better overall power than the 52020/52021 due to the special air gap style design.

 The Typhoon manifolds, along with the similar CrossWind are the most powerful dual plane manifolds available for a small block Chevy. For non-polution controlled street machines, these are among the very best manifolds you can use. They feature a square bore carburetor flange, nitrous bosses, four corner water ports, and dual distributor holddowns. This manifold is approximately 5/8" taller than the Cyclone series. On medium horsepower engines, our dyno tests have shown that this manifold comes very close to producing similar power and torque numbers as our Hurricane racing intake manifold. Is also a Polished Finish.

 Only  $259.95
SKU: 52025
Small Block Chevy V8 Crosswind Intake Manifold Polished