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Quick Fuel Slayer Carburetors

From Quick Fuel Technology

Quick Fuel Slayer Carburetors

The new Slayer Series is designed with many of the same engineering innovations and features that are built into all QFT™ race-winning carburetors. This spirit has lead to the development of a new affordable 600 and 750cfm vacuum secondary street carburetor. The unique design utilizes a secondary metering plate with changeable jets, eliminating the costly secondary metering block unneeded for most street applications. The Slayer Series also offers all aluminum construction and hand-built quality.


Key features include:

Changeable idle air and high-speed bleeds
3-Stage emulsion circuits in primary metering block
Changeable primary idle feed restrictions and power valve channel restrictions
QFT™ QuickSet™ adjustment on the vacuum secondary housing that provides external adjustment of the diaphragm without changing springs
Notched secondary float for use with jet extensions
Secondary metering plate with changeable jets
Fully adjustable electric choke
Polished finish for superior good looks
Comes in two sizes: 600cfm (P/N SL-600-VS) and 750cfm (P/N SL-750-VS)

 Only  $295.00
SKU: SL-600-VS
600 CFM 1.312" Venturi, 1-9/16" Throttle Bore
/ each

 Only  $295.00
750 CFM 1.375" Venturi, 1-11/16" Throttle Bore
/ each