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Turbo Trac Drive Systems

Turbo Trac Drive Systems

Cleveland, North Carolina's Visual Impact Performance Systems (VIPS) has the answer: TURBO TRAC Serpentine Belt Drive Systems.  Unlike some drives that fit only certain heads, VIPS offers a solution in their complete kits: It mounts to the engine block via the water pump.  This requires no holes in the cylinder heads, so it works with all cylinder head configuration.

by including the water pump and everything needed to mount the drive, VIPS' Turbo Trac systems are foolproof, and no drilling is required.

The systems differ in that everything is included - an aluminum water pump, billet aluminum pulleys, billet aluminum brackets, 105 amp alternator, Sanden SD-7 compressor, stainless steel hardware and even the Dayco polycog belts.  VIPS' only options are power steering pump, a 140 amp alternator and polishing.  VIPS has done this with all of their drive systems.

Precision CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, every pulley, bracket or mount in their kits are made in-house to uncompromising standards.  Creating the look you want and the performance needed under the hoos is much easier now, thanks to these systems.

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